Monday, April 29, 2013

Launch of Monday Morning Book Club

Writer: Laurie Epps

We are going to begin our book club next Monday, and I am so excited! My first reading selection is going to be Writing Down the Bones. This book has an unusual format, and though it takes a bit to get used to, I really enjoy that you can read an essay here and there, and put it down in between. 

The author is Natalie Goldberg, and she writes a total of 66 essays on an array of topics on writing. As sort of your reference to the "Tao of Writing". Even though her columns can at times be a little "Zen", or even kooky, they also manage to be somewhat reassuring. So the readers should be open to Eastern Philosophy. The book is truly about choosing to live a life in a way that is authentic and purposeful.

The first essays of the book all tie in with the theme of meet yourself, and become intimate. She talks a lot about how to pick out your supplies, non-stop writing, reflection in your writing, and how to get story ideas. I think they are a lot of fun, and I am learning so much about myself and my writing. I hope you will too.

For the first week, I want you to just dig into the book and be ready to discuss the first four essays: Beginners Mind, First Thoughts, Writing As Practice, and Composting. Next week, I will write my impressions, and ask for feedback. Please join in the conversation.


Laurie Epps is a non-fiction author, essayist, editor, and poet living in Anderson, South Carolina. A seeker of beauty, her is dream is to travel the world one day and tell the many stories of those she meets. To read more of Laurie's stories come back here for her column about Poetry on Thursdays, or follow her Tuesday column dedicated to writing on: 

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