Friday, September 30, 2016

Astabula Historic Plantation Home

Astabula Historic Plantation Home
By Laurie Epps

Astabula is sort of the "grand dame" of the Pendleton/Clemson area. I pass it taking my daughter to her college or visiting friends in Seneca, it wasn't until I started this blog that I looked into actually going there. Driving up, I even took a video mimicking the Grey Poupon commercial only with alternative music in the background.

Astabula is set back from the main part of the historic downtown area but well worth the trip. There is also an inn & tavern in back of this historic home, and worthy of visiting all by themselves.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Midway Presbyterian Church

Midway Presbyterian Church Estab. 1833
By Laurie Epps

School started about a month ago, and that meant many changes in my household, especially for my youngest. From getting back into gymnastics, to resuming Girl Scouts, and a new after-school program set in the country. A new schedule was in store for us.

En route to her after school program that first morning, we passed by a church that seemed to call to me. I snapped a picture on my first day at a new job of the 183 year old church en my new route that I'd be taking daily knowing that I'd be back for a photo shoot for my blog.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Suber's Corn Grist Mill

By Laurie Epps

I know years from now, I'm going to laugh at this blog entry. I set out with two of my daughters in the sweltering southern heat in the middle of July in our new Fall clothes. Even though I was a model in my youth, I'm currently going through the change of life, and sweaters in the heat was just a bad idea. If I hadn't gone terribly wrong enough with that, I paired my outfit with a pair of heels, and being almost 6'0" tall, I'm accustomed to wearing flats.

This location was picked by my daughters, and I think we all thought the water wheel would've been bigger than it was.... But yet, it still had a wonderful charm about the old place. 

The Swan House in Atlanta

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