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Kenneth O'Shaunnessy, Freelance Writer & Poet

Kenneth A O'Shaughnessy was born in Syracuse, NY, and has lived in the Greenville, SC for slightly over half of his life. Ken writes poetry on a daily basis, which can be found daily on and monthly on Amazon. In addition, he is translating the Bible into the increasingly popular language of Haiku.

Ken also writes books for children. You can purchase the picture book he made with his son, The Boy with the Pig Nose, from

Pam Zollman, Children's Writer & Editor
Pam Zollman is the award-winning author of 40 children’s books and numerous short stories and articles.  Her middle-grade novel Don’t Bug Me!(Holiday House, 2001) has been translated into other languages.  It was a Sunshine Sate Young Reader book, in the Florida Battle of the Books, and was one of Bank Street College of Education’s Best Books of 2002.  A Chick Grows Up(Scholastic, 2005) was an honor book for the Maryland Blue Crab Readers Choice Award in 2006.  Many of her books are included on school and library reading lists, and her Life Cycle series for Scholastic have been translated into Spanish.  Her short story, “Millie’s Garden,” won first place in Highlights for Children’s annual fiction contest in 1996.

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