Wednesday, July 22, 2015


By Laurie Epps

I'm just recovering from the stomach flu, so I'm sorry that I was unable to get this column up in time. It's also stalled my workouts for a few days, but I'll be back next week and we'll begin to talk about nutrition. I know it's the next frontier. I also have guest bloggers blogging about nutrition this Fall. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My 5K Workout Plan, Part II

By Laurie Epps

Some of you have asked me for an update, so by request, here it is. I've plateaued weight-wise. I've not lost an ounce in 5 weeks. But I've kept at it, and I still make it to the gym 4-5 days a week. I know to change it, I've got to change something that I'm currently doing.

Many people assume that if you fight with weight, that you overeat. In my case, this couldn't be farther from the truth. I do something even worse.... I only eat once a day. It's true. Doing this only tells your body that you're starving, so your fat cells will hold onto every calorie. I've read about this concept for years in diet books ranging from Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell to Skinny Bitch, I know this to be true. Yet, using the American excuse, "I'm too busy," I still do it. I also suffer with thyroid disease and starvation only extrapolates my symptoms.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My 5K Workout Plan, Part I

Pictured with my 2 youngest daughters on the Fourth
By Laurie Epps

The most common question I've received is: How do you know what to do? For me, I've got quite the past with fitness. Based on what I already know, it's second nature for me. However, if you've never been much for exercise, this can be quite arduous.

I knew I'd reached a point where I need to begin to push myself, so I don't quit. But I also have the rivals of two ideals: do I want to lose weight, or do I want to prepare for my 5K? I've decided to do a hodgepodge of both, creating my own, unique, workout plan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Workouts Are Contagious

My daughter Ellen & I at the gym
By Laurie Epps

Working out is contagious. I'm sure it is. Now that I'm going to the gym, and I've lost nearly 10 pounds, my girls don't want to be shown up by their mom. It's true. My eldest daughter Melanie has joined a gym in CA, and usually sends me a hiking picture on the weekends of her hikes. My middle daughter Ellen goes to the gym with me on occasion. Mainly, Ellen tries to make it to either Yoga or Zumba (we're still trying to get to Zumba). However, I've yet to include my youngest Chloe, except on this last hike. 

Getting fit should be a family affair. However, I'm learning the frustration of trying to get my six year old to try veggies or salmon. Also, it's a challenge to introduce fitness to a young child, and it's hard to get cooperation out of a teenager. For all the moms out there, you need to be doing this for you. It's not selfish. Consider it maintenance. You can't take care of everybody else, if you're health is declining to a point where you can't take care of yourself.

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