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Former Life: My Studies Abroad

This is an essay both near and dear to my heart.  There were some comments about what my life was like after my major car accident that nearly claimed my life on Patrick Caneday's website. The essay to follow was written about my life two years before the accident. With a heavy heart, I humbly dedicate this essay to my departed mother. I hope this essay will make you smile and laugh.
Laurie Epps

Par Avion: A Travelers Guide It was my third year taking French in a suburban high school near Los Angeles.One day during class, we had a few guest speakers come to give a presentation to the class, and they offered us a chance to go to France. My instructor was going to be one of the chaperones, and I desperately wanted to go.Later that same week, my sociology instructor also was taking a group to Europe, but they traveled through six countries instead of just one. By the time April rolled around, I was already planning my outfits out carefully.At that age, I just loved fashion.I …
This is a picture of my girls and I attending my nephew's wedding.

New Blogger Account

I think I have finally found some direction for my blog. This blog will be used for writing. By that I mean this will have activities to help you and your kids start writing!!!!! I hope these ideas will be shared with educators, students, homeschoolers, and other writers. However, I am hoping to get my other blog up and running first. So beginning in January of 2013 we will begin our dialogue to help get an entire new generation of bloggers to emerge. So let's start the conversation!

In the meantime, please view my new blog:

The Write Conversation: 7 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

The Write Conversation: 7 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts: It happens to us all. It’s the night before a blog post is due and we have no idea what to write about. It seems like all our creative jui...

Essays and Poems

I keep trying some different things to seem relevant, but what I write when no one is watching is essays and poems.  I just don't know if there is a market for that or not. Naturally, this is what I write. Please weigh in and let me know if this is interesting to you. I think there will be more posts if I add this to my collection of topics.

The Write Conversation: Life Lessons—Dare to Dream

The Write Conversation: Life Lessons—Dare to Dream: Many of you who follow this blog are in a time of transition, and life can, at times, seem out of focus. Some are trying on the sobrique...

After reading this along with a myriad of other conversations with fellow writers, I can say that it is so important that we encourage each other!  I hope this lets my fellow writers know that no matter where you are with your writing, there are so many of us with you facing the same struggles.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I am just a guest writer on Patrick Caneday's blog for now.  It is still a huge honor, and I hope to be able to showcase more of the things I like to write in the near future.

Second Byline featured in L.A. County Papers

This is my proudest achievement as a writer thus far. My story of my near death experience is going to be appearing in various newspapers in Los Angeles County very soon. It is up on my fellow writer, Patrick Caneday's site now.

This story talks frankly about my near death experience when I was 18 years old. I was considered to be clinically dead for just over three minutes. This features those precious moments during my journey. I hope you will read it, enjoy it, and give me some feedback.

You can view my story by clicking the link below: about an hour ago Patrick Caneday repost and spread the word!! random thoughts on being human Further thoughts on the little things in life from the writer of the Small Wonders column in local newspapers.
Technical Difficulties

A few weeks ago, I had my hard drive crash on my computer. The following day, my cell phone fell in the toilet.  It has been such a weird, and mind boggling experience to discover how reliant I have become on technology.  So I apologize since I didn't post anything. I am up and running now, and despite my move near the end of June you should be able to view things I have been working on as a more regular thing.  I am thinking that I will make a special things to do for the fourth of July instead of my regular blog that week, and take the week of July fourth off.  But please, keep checking in.
Well folks, I got my second byline!  I am so excited about this undertaking because I was published writing what I like to write the most.  As an introduction, I had a major car accident and near death experience when I was 18 years old.  This talks about those few moments while I was considered to be clinically dead.  Check it out!!!

The link near the bottom of this post called random thoughts on being human should take you directly to my story.  I hope you all like it, since it is a piece that I truly like.  I am putting myself out there for all that I am, and all that I was. Enjoy.

Hi Laurie! I've finally gotten around to updating my site with your guest piece. I went with your near-death experience because it was so captivating and fascinating. I didn't think it was dark at all. More uplifting and honest. Check it out when you have time and let me know if everything looks OK to you. Thanks for your contribution to my site!! Keep writing! about an hour ago Patrick Caneday rep…

Scottish Games Come to Greenville

Come on you lads and lasses out to the Scottish Games at Furman University this weekend. Though I have personally never been to this festival, but I have been other Scottish Festivals and I can say that this is an ideal family outing.

This is a five-day festival filled concentrated at Furman Univeristy but it also has other amazing and exciting events scattered in and around the Upstate.   The kick-off for the games was earlier tonight at Downtown Alive in Greenville with live music, dancing, food vendors, and more.  The Opening Ceremonies will commence Saturday morning on the Furman University campus.

For admission prices, schedule of events, and parking information visit their website at:

According to their website: "The Scots brought a lot more to America than just the bagpipes; they brought independence, a fierce fighting spirit, a strong love of family and clan, a quirky sense of humor and enjoyment in their surroundings.  We’re capturing all this …
Beginning tomorrow, I will begin my postings on what's there to do in the Upstate of SC this weekend.  Know of an event that you'd like to brag about? Forward it to me by the Sunday night before, and I will include it in my blog!!! Happy Blogging everyone!!!

The Write Conversation: Thursday Review—Fact or Fiction: Know the Truth to...

The Write Conversation: Thursday Review—Fact or Fiction: Know the Truth to...: I’ve been giving out information about  how to stay safe online and today I want to share some of the top myths I’ve run across. First tak.. I am studying Professional Writing in college, and I can tell you, that anything you do on a computer can be duplicated, and the same rights to privacy often don't apply.  I think the next topic might be privacy (or lack there of) anytime you use the internet, would be appropriate.