Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lost Child of Mine

Thoughtful Thursdays: A Poetic Column

This month I wanted to do a little something different. As a veteran, and mom to three living children, and grieving mother to yet another three babies: I dedicate this month's column to you, the unsung mother's of the world. Without my own losses, these poems would not exist. I open my heart, and my empathy to you.

With great homage, and my dearest sympathy, I wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day. 
~From one mom to another

Lost Child of Mine
By: Laurie Epps

O’ Child of Mine
You will always be thine
You departed without a trace
I will always long to see your face
One can only believe
You were not meant to be
One day you were living
Nearly the next I was giving
You Up

Know I will always love you
Regretfully, I will never hold you
For my womb
Became your tomb
Go up to the heavens
Past the stars
From my heart you are never far
Someday I will meet you
I hope

For now, I am needed here
But I will always hold you, dear
O’ lost child of mine

~ Written: May 11, 2006
Dedicated with love to Morgan Epps, Mommy loves you always.

Laurie Epps is a non-fiction author, essayist, editor, and poet living in Anderson, South Carolina. A seeker of beauty, her is dream is to travel the world one day and tell the many stories of those she meets. To read more of Laurie's stories come back Mondays for her Monday Morning Book Club, or you can also visit her Tuesday column dedicated to writing at:

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