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Former Life: My Studies Abroad

This is an essay both near and dear to my heart.  There were some comments about what my life was like after my major car accident that nearly claimed my life on Patrick Caneday's website. The essay to follow was written about my life two years before the accident. With a heavy heart, I humbly dedicate this essay to my departed mother. I hope this essay will make you smile and laugh.
Laurie Epps

Par Avion: A Travelers Guide It was my third year taking French in a suburban high school near Los Angeles.One day during class, we had a few guest speakers come to give a presentation to the class, and they offered us a chance to go to France. My instructor was going to be one of the chaperones, and I desperately wanted to go.Later that same week, my sociology instructor also was taking a group to Europe, but they traveled through six countries instead of just one. By the time April rolled around, I was already planning my outfits out carefully.At that age, I just loved fashion.I …
This is a picture of my girls and I attending my nephew's wedding.

New Blogger Account

I think I have finally found some direction for my blog. This blog will be used for writing. By that I mean this will have activities to help you and your kids start writing!!!!! I hope these ideas will be shared with educators, students, homeschoolers, and other writers. However, I am hoping to get my other blog up and running first. So beginning in January of 2013 we will begin our dialogue to help get an entire new generation of bloggers to emerge. So let's start the conversation!

In the meantime, please view my new blog: