Thursday, February 20, 2014

Me and My Horse

Bonheur, The Horse Fair

Intro by Laurie Epps

My daughter Ellen has always loved horses. At one point this was problematic because she had to choose between horses and the ballet. Wisely, she chose ballet, but it wasn't without some torment.

Please keep in mind that this was a poem written by a little kid about why she loved riding horses. So in tribute to the Year of the Horse, please enjoy her quaint little poem.
Photo courtesy of Stride Photography in Ramona, CA

Me and My Horse
By Ellen Brooke Epps

Me and my horse
We are one
This is how I imagine us--
Just not only horse and rider,
We are like the wind, the waves, and
the sky and the ground.
We seem to be flying--
Your hooves barely touch the ground,
and mane whipping my face while
your tail is streaming fire.
My hair, under my helmet,
is flying like us.
We are free now,
just me and my horse.
That is how I imagine us.

May 1, 2008, age 11

Ellen Brooke Epps is not only my daughter, but she is also a senior in high school taking college classes at the same time in a local community college. Ellen is a former dancer with the Carolina Ballet Theater in Greenville, SC and also with the Santa Clarita Ballet in Santa Clarita, CA. Ellen participates in a lot of fandoms including Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes. Ellen loves hot tea, her cats, and curling up with a good book. She hopes to be a librarian, geologist, or engineer someday.

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