Sunday, February 23, 2014

Addictions: From Girl Scout Cookies to a Good Read

By Laurie Epps

We all have additions. Some are healthier than others. Mine are tame in comparison to a lot of people. I'm addicted to the written word, hot tea, warm baths whether by water or sun, chocolate, or well, anything else with caffeine in it. What can I say? As I've gotten older, I'm tired all the time.

Recently, I read an article online that basically started with the premise of: "You know you're from Southern California when...." list. It's sort of a top twenty list. The one that stuck with me the most? #11 You know you're from So. Cal if you crave an In-N-Out Burger like it's crack cocaine.

Yesterday, Girl Scouts in South Carolina started to sell the famous Girl Scout Cookies in front of stores near you. As my daughter started working a cookie booth in front of Walgreens, a customer made the comment, "Those Lemonade cookies are as addictive as crack cocaine." I'm sure she meant this innocently, but sure enough, I picked up a box before I headed home. I had to know what crack cocaine tasted like in the cookie form.

After I tucked my little Girl Scout into bed, I crept into the kitchen and made an enormous mug of hot tea to get me through another long night of studying. My giant mug of tea wouldn't be lonely long, I tore into the box of Lemonade's before the water stopped boiling. They don't disappoint. I would call them; delectable, and divine.

Books can read like that too. Have you had a book that you couldn't put down? What book was it? What about it made it so addictive? Please share this with me below... I'm just longing for a read that I can't put down and I'll be addicted to like crack cocaine.

Fair is fair. In 2007, I stayed awake for close to 36 straight so I could read every syllable of the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, or just last month, A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf had the same effect. (But for very different reasons.)

I hope you find a good read that speaks to you.


Laurie Epps is a non-fiction author, essayist, editor, and poet living in Anderson, South Carolina. A seeker of beauty, her is dream is to travel the world one day and tell the many stories of those she meets. Columns include: Monday Morning Book Club, and Thoughtful Thursdays, a column dedicated to the fine art of poetry.

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