Friday, July 12, 2013

Two Opening Chapters of Forrest Gump

Intro by Laurie Epps

Forrest Gump, much like other films is nothing whatsoever like the book. The only similarity is that he lives in a small town in Alabama and is intellectually challenged. Some of his adventures are the same, but most are not. The film is much like a Disney version of the story, they used the same premise as the book, and then just ran amuck with it artistically. Both are wonderful, but very different versions.

True to any piece of literature, the first couple of chapters are filled with outlines and nuances about characters that you will need for the rest of the book. So today, we will begin with the first two chapters.

Chapter 1

  • Forrest doesn't like being called an idiot
  • Forrest got his name from a civil war hero; General Nathan Bedford (p.2)
  • Forrest's father died on the docks when a bail of banana's fell on him (p.3)
  • His mama is a fine person, and received a pension from the incident
  • Forrest was kept inside as a child which caused alienation
  • Forrest was put in a "special school" by the second grade (p.4)
  • When Forrest was 13, he grew six inches in six months. By the time Forrest was 16, Forrest was 6'6" and 242 pounds (p. 5)
  • Forrest was pulled out of school to play football by a coach named Fellers (pp. 5-6)
  • Some goons put Forrest in and out of his uniform until he could do it by himself (p. 6)
  • Forrest started regular classes (pp. 7-8)
  • Forrest got a crush on his tutor Miss Henderson, and fantasized about her sexually (p. 8)
  • Coach took care of his lunch at school so Forrest could eat whatever, and as much as he wanted at lunchtime (p. 8)
  • Forrest met Jenny Curran who had long black hair (p.8)
  • Jenny starts having lunch with Forrest and another guy started flirting with her. This calls Forrest "Stupo" when he sticks up for Jenny and embarrasses Forrest in front of everyone. (p. 9)
  • Coach Feller starts teaching Forrest football plays (p. 10)
  • Forrest stands up to Jenny's other suitor and the suitor's parents call his mom all upset (p. 10)
  • That incident gives Forrest confidence, and improves his football. Forrest makes all-american and his mama buys him his first suit (p. 11)
Chapter 2

  • Forrest won all american for football and got a gold star for football (pp. 12-13)
  • Forrest had to pee at the wrong moment (pp. 13-14)
  • Forrest got a baseball signed but the NYC Yankees, but had his pet dog tear it up (p. 14)
  • Coach Fellers pulled him out of class to talk to the university about playing ball (pp. 14-15)
  • So they tested Forrest academically and he tested too low to play college ball (p. 14)
  • But Forrest's low score didn't bother the Army any (p. 15)
  • So he started physical testing to join the Army (pp. 15-16)
  • When the doctor told him to bend over and cough, he just about took everyone out (p. 16)
  • Forrest's enlistment in the Army is deferred (p. 16)
  • A lady boarder named Miss French offered Forrest divinity, and then touched him inappropriately. (pp. 16-17)
  • That personal encounter made him think of Jenny Curran, so when he told his mama she arranged for a date (pp. 16-17)
  • Forrest took Jenny to the movies and accidentally tore her white dress   (pp. 17-18)
  • When they were caught falling out of the theater by an usher, Forrest was taken to jail (pp. 18-19)
  • Forrest went to court, and the judge thought that the Army might be good for Forrest, but Forrest was too dumb (p. 19)
  • Forrest's mama kets them know that he was offered a football scholarship. the judge says it's ok as long as he gets out of town. (p. 19)
  • Forrest is packed up, and leaves for college (p. 20)
Laurie Epps is a senior at Anderson University majoring in Creative Writing. Already Laurie is most published as a feature article writer, essayist, and poet. A seeker of beauty and world traveler, Laurie hopes to grow into a career in travel writing illuminating the many stories that make us human despite our differences. Currently, Laurie also has a Monday Morning Book Club column dedicated to writers everywhere, and a Thoughtful Thursday column dedicated to the fine art of poetry.

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