Friday, July 5, 2013

Launch of Fiction to Film Fridays

By Laurie Epps

Fiction to Film Fridays is meant to be an accompaniment to English 365 at Anderson University. Class begins this fall, and I will use this forum to post class notes, and outline the books that are being covered in class.

Since there are lots of books that have made wonderful movies, this column will evolve at the completion of the course into my own analysis and I'm hoping my readers will submit books that they'd like to see in this forum.

Dr. Cox was kind enough to share with me a tentative list of books for the fall, and so I've taken the liberty of beginning to outline them here for all of you. I know the reading in college can be quite cumbersome and this may make it easier for all of us to have a forum in which to discuss our findings.

  • Adaptations: Studying Film and Literature (Desmond & Hawkes)
  • A River Runs Through It and Other Stories by Norman MacClean
  • Forrest Gump by Winston Groom
  • Anecdotes of Destiny and Ehrengard by Isak Dinesen
  • The Maltese Falcon by Dashall Hammett
  • Different Seasons by Stephen King
  • Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner by F.X. Toole (2005)
  • Not sure of the last piece yet

You will notice that Forrest Gump is highlighted and that is a link on amazon to purchase the book. I am starting with Forrest Gump simply because it seemed to be the most accessible of the books we are going to be reading. If you'd like to follow along even though you are not part of this class, I would only encourage you to do that. Feel free to make comments and recommendations along with the class. Join us here next week to begin reading the outlines I have created to help me with the class.

Laurie Epps is a senior at Anderson University majoring in Creative Writing. Already Laurie is most published as a feature article writer, essayist, and poet. A seeker of beauty and world traveler, Laurie hopes to grow into a career in travel writing illuminating the many stories that make us human despite our differences. Currently, Laurie also has a Monday Morning Book Club column dedicated to writers everywhere, and a Thoughtful Thursday column right here on her own blog. To check out Laurie’s encouraging column on Tuesday’s for Edie Melson about writing visit:

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