Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Outcome

Intro by Laurie Epps

Happy Birthday America!

As you go out for your barbecue, cookout, or fireworks display with your friends or family today, I'd like you to consider what our forefathers went through to forge this great nation of ours. What they were doing was standing up for what they believed in, and this is not a small feat. In fact, at the time, it was a form of tyranny. Some of the possible disciplinary actions included imprisonment and even death.

As I have learned about our forefathers as both college student and home schooling mom, I can say these were very noble, honorable, and well educated men. Our government was founded on principles of the Ancient Greeks, and Romans with influences that also formed offices of Parliament in England and now those same ideals still influence countries forming a democratic government today.

The Outcome
By Ellen Brooke Epps

The drums are now sounding
A revolution is coming
German ships are grounding
We've felt the stirring in our breasts
It's starting now, our war for independence
The time is now to end all injustice
We'll call it the land of the free
Once we're freed of the king's tyranny
Parliament abused their position foolishly
King George was warned
That the outcome would be war
But those warnings were ignored
Though many Americans have been slew
Our hearts beat brave and true
We will defend our rights to liberty and justice

 Ellen Brooke is my daughter and the better version of me. Ellen is a true genius and entering a connect to college program this fall. A ballerina since the age of four, Ellen was junior company with Carolina Ballet Theatre through this past year. Always off on an adventure, Ellen dreams of being an engineer someday.

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