Sunday, June 30, 2013

Published: Romancing the Throne

By Laurie Epps

Within the past year, I became a single parent. I usually don't use my blog to divulge something so personal, but it is relevant to my column published this week by Angela Ruth Strong. She has a great little blog about recovery and bouncing back post divorce. I find her blog both encouraging, and uplifting. When she approached on Facebook about writing about my story, I jumped at the chance to maybe encourage someone else on the journey. I'm still in the trenches with some of the emotions that go with it, both good and bad. But I hope this will touch someone's life along the way. We are not going to be defined by what happened to us. My career is taking off, and I think it has been one of the positive dividends of my husband leaving. 

My girls and I remain three beautiful and talented women whether he is here to see it or not. Please be encouraged. There is life after divorce. To check out my column, click on my link to be connected with Romancing the Throne.

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