Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Cat's Dream

Intro by Laurie Epps

June is National Cat Adoption Month

What do cats dream about? People have speculated that very question since the ancient Egyptians when they were worshipped and admired. (As any cat lover will tell you, this is how it should be.) Today's entry is very special to me, it comes from my daughter who likes to say MEOW.

A Cat’s Dream
By Ellen Brooke Epps

As it rains outside,
The cat says, “Goodnight”
Off he slips into dreamland, again

He dreams that he’s a pirate, cunning and fierce
Finding buried treasure offshore
The uncivilized natives worship him forevermore

Next he is riding a camel across the Sahara
Rescuing a princess form the riders of the storm
She kisses him declaring, “A greater cat has never been born!”

Then to the city, fast moving and broad
He runs along as the traffic remains at a crawl
Busy as a business cat, he laughs at those that find themselves smart

Silently he creeps, a quiet danger in the jungle
Prey crosses his path, as he races, he smiles at its bumble
He takes it down and deals it a blow of his paw

His eyes open at the sound of a key
He stretches out, and licks his fur neat
Then rises to greet his humans

Being practically a cat herself, Ellen was an obvious choice for Cat Month here on Thoughtful Thursdays: A Poetic Column. Ellen is 16 years old and in a high school connect to college program. She has been home-schooled since she was in fourth grade. A ballerina since the age of four, she hopes to continue dancing, and become an engineer. Ellen also is the admin on the Facebook page called Curiosity Killed the Cat

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