Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crying Myself to Sleep

By Laurie Epps

May is known for May flowers, Mother's Day, and honor to our military. But this month, I am dedicating to the unsung Mothers. There are mothers out there, that never got to hold their baby, or bring their baby home. Miscarriage is so misunderstood by those who have never had one. Nothing can prevent it from happening, and if you are past ten weeks of pregnancy it means you go to the hospital to have a baby that you never bring home. This is for the moms and dads who have suffered this loss.

Crying Myself to Sleep
By Laurie Epps

Crying myself to sleep
Mourning a child I could not keep
One was bad enough
Two is beyond rough
How I long to have
A child

Who will understand?
No one to hold my hand
As my husband slumbers
My restless mind wanders
How I long to have
A Child

So without refrain
We plan to try again
We both grow wary
How I hope to carry
How I long to have
A child

Note: This is dedicated to my son Michael Epps that I lost Thanksgiving Day 2006. Mommy loves you, and I hope you smile at me from heaven. I feel you with me always.

Laurie Epps is a non-fiction author, essayist, editor, and poet living in Anderson, South Carolina. A seeker of beauty, her is dream is to travel the world one day and tell the many stories of those she meets. To read more of Laurie's stories come back Mondays for her Monday Morning Book Club, or you can also visit her Tuesday column dedicated to writing at:

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