Friday, March 9, 2018

The Lunney Museum

By Laurie Bower Epps

I'm always looking for a new adventure, so my GPS found a historical home and museum in Seneca that I'd not yet been to, so I felt that I had to go. Situated right at the heart of downtown Seneca's historical district sits this little bungalow waiting to be uncovered. 

Now that Sunday's are my only day off, I headed out with my daughter on the first day of sun since my last blog for a new adventure. I'm a lover of the sunshine and warm temps of the spring and summer. Even though it was a bit nippy on the day we went out, the sunshine seemed to promise that spring is around the corner.

The Lunney Museum

Located just two minutes from Ram Cat Alley, this historic bungalow sits on a hill next door to a home with some history too. The owner cheerfully greeted me just moments after I arrived, and informed me that her house was once a minister's house for the church directly across the street. She also let me know that the Lunney House was about 150 years old, and being sandblasted for a fresh coat of paint for spring. But "I looked alright, feel free to roam the grounds." So I did.

The Lunney Museum is located at:
211 W. South First Street
Seneca, SC 29678

(Though given my experience, you may want to email them first to ensure that they are open.)

Brief History

When reading the actual history, the house is appx. 110 years old. Architecturally, it's a Queen Anne style bungalow, outhouse, and carriage house. Construction on the house began in about 1906. The Lunney's arrived in September of 1909 by horse drawn carriage in a landau carriage with groomsman and a matched pair of horses. I was quite taken with the carriage house, and posed for my favorite picture of the day in front of it. 

(note: Since I didn't have the privilege of seeing the arts & crafts interior, I'll save that for another day.)


Both Chloe & I love this local vendor of LuLaRoe named Lori Powell. She's helped us make many selections for my blogs. You can find her on Facebook with the key words, LulaRoe Lori Powell. It has been a God send for my youngest who isn't really in the girls department anymore but not quite curvy enough for the misses department. Plus, LulaRoe is soft, comfy, and stretchy so she can just be herself. 

My outfit features LulaRoe styles: Sarah (long cardigan), Carly (dress), and some classic noir leggings. Chloe is wearing a Lynnae (long sleeved shirt) and leggings. We coined them the "Rapunzel" leggings since they have a lot of elements from the Disney Classic movie in the pattern. My dress and long cardigan are in a beautiful claret red with an Indian inspired pattern with elephants on it. We're both completely comfortable, and I think so much of it has creeped into our wardrobe's as of late.

There's something very romantic about a gazebo, so I had to take a few pictures of my little one! Being closed had an advantage, we were able to use Siri on my smart phone to find brunch at a local restaurant that hasn't even had it's grand opening yet. That doesn't happen until St. Patrick's Day, and we still made it to our cookie booth for Girl Scouts! I think this day was still a win.... But if I've learned nothing else from this blog, I've learned you have to be flexible.

Till next time fashion-love's, be fashionable and be blessed.


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