Friday, March 16, 2018

The Belmont Inn

By Laurie Bower Epps

Sometimes while going on a fashion adventure, things don't work out. But occasionally, you've got a serendipitous moment for your blog as I've had with this one. After the last venue being closed, I decided to call ahead on this one. Which I did. But I got the unfortunate news that this hotel doesn't serve food on Sunday's.You see, I just love the Abbeville Opera House across the street, but I'd already been there for a blog last year. This news also conflicted with their website and recording. As all good reporters do, I decided to stop by anyway knowing that hotel's are always generous with their grounds for free publicity.

So imagine my surprise when my youngest and I were greeted by a lady who asked, "Are you guys hungry?" After meltdown from my youngest over dropping a beloved stuffed toy by the car at home, the rain, a long but wonderful play, and I'd skipped lunch.... We were ready to eat and in a big way. May I go onto say that our waitress was friendly, helpful, and seemed to be a jill of all trades. By that, I mean that she seemed to be responsible for more than serving up our burgers.


The Eureka Hotel opened in 1903 because traveling salesmen decided that the town of Abbeville, SC was the halfway point between New York and Miami. Their rendezvous here were notorious. It didn't take long for the local merchants and innkeeper's to figure out that these salesmen were in need of some entertainment. Which is why the Abbeville Opera House was opened across the street.

Ghost Stories

Part of what made this outing fun was the notorious ghost stories. Being a writer, what made me charge in there like I owned the place was my curiosity of the untold stories of the inn. Despite only having a 25 room capacity, there's almost as many ghost stories. The inn was taken over by the present owners Renee & Edie about two and a half years ago, and while cooking Renee claims to have spoken with a woman of times past while cooking late one night.

Pictured outside the tavern in the basement where we had dinner.

We were welcomed to wander around after dinner, and so we did. Starting in the lobby due to some of the stories swirling around yet another ghost who is said to be a male figure that appears on the staircase. Part of what made this story so fun is the look on my youngest's face when a hotel guest opened the door. But this isn't the only place in the hotel that guests and employees have heard things that go bump in the a night.

My youngest's expression was priceless when a hotel guest opened their door.

There is speculation of who the gentleman on the stairs actually is. Some say his name is Abraham, others say he's a former hotel employee. I had my youngest stand about where he's usually spotted for placement. So who he is, and why he's selected this beautiful inn as his haunting ground is still up for speculation. But whomever he is, his presence is fairly sublime. But just knowing he's been spotted by so many guests, makes you wonder if he really is there.

In one of the main dining room, we were the directed to where to find this long standing employee of the hotel's photograph. Whether he's our known ghost or not, is still up for debate. Others say that the former employee pretty much goes wherever he wants. Most claim to see him in areas that he probably worked in while he was aloive. But his presence isn't the only one felt here. 

Numerous reports from guests in the rooms upstairs have made it to the hotel staff through the years, as well as, they've lost many maids due to paranormal activity. While nothing that I heard sounded all that terrifying, for the faint of heart, I could see where getting spooked at work would be problematic.

Chloe With The Original Cash Register
I was pleased to learn that you can be a guest of the hotel for a mere $88-$110 a night, if you dare. My youngest has begged to return and spend the night. Hmm... I wonder if any sleeping at all will get done.

Located at:
The Belmont Inn
104 E. Pickens Street
Abbeville, SC 29620

To learn more about the hotel's history, go to:

A fun piece of trivia: The Belmont Inn has the lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story." Whether or not the inn was used in the movie, I didn't get the chance to ask, but my daughter was thrilled none-the-less.


Due to the rain, I decided that a splash of color was in order. Pictured in my primary colors from LuLaRoe, I'm wearing a Sarah (red cardigan), a Carly (blue dress), and the splash of color leggings. My shoes are Dansko's from GB Shoe Warehouse. Ironically, the best pictures of the outfit were pictured outside (see above). However, I used one inside to give you more views of this beautiful & historic inn.

Chloe is also wearing LuLaRoe in her perfect spring green. Pictured in her Perfect T & leggings, this outfit is soft and versatile. Just the addition of a a jacket and her furry boots, she's ready for winter. Some dressy sandals and some jewelry will have her ready for a night on the town. For other moms, the best part is no more tears. All their clothes are soft and stretchy. I can play with patterns and textures to give her an individualized look. She feels pretty without being constricted by some outfit... so she can still be a kid.

Chloe's pictured here with the piano since she's my musical daughter, and plays two instruments already at the age of 9.

This was the perfect mommy & daughter outing for a rainy day. It was all that and a few fun ghost stories too. The Belmont Inn was the perfect ending to a long day in the rain, followed by a long, but fun play. Chloe erupted with applause at the end of the play, and wanted to watch it again. However, a trip to the Belmont, and she wants to go back. Just a warning the Belmont Inn, we will be back.

That's the conclusion of 49th fashion-post, fashion-love's. Be watching my Facebook Writer fan page, because coming soon there will be a drawing with giveaways at the end of the month, just for subscribing to my blog. Till next time, stay fashionable and be blessed.


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