Friday, June 23, 2017

SC Botanical Gardens

By Laurie Bower Epps

Clemson is just next door to my current town of Anderson, so it makes sense that I've gravitated to places close to home. My daughters and I started coming here as a regular thing just a few years ago, and have found it a perfect spot for pictures. I finally realized that I've not shared this gem with my readers, and decided that the time is now.

With summer being well underway, my companions on this trip are my daughter and her bestie. I think they really enjoyed being included in my blog too. Nothing says summer like a pair of flip-flops with a cute pair of shorts. 

Last time, we'd come here the girls from my Girl Scout troop were earning their hiking badge. It was November. Much cooler than our hot, summery, June day.

My Fashion

Tropical & Animal Print top,
and black shorts
~Jennifer Lopez, Kohl's

Bronze Floral Sandals
~Clark's brand, Rack Room Shoes

My tropical top and shorts were just perfect on this hot summer day. The shoes I chose are so comfortable that I've started wearing them to the office to go out walking on my lunch break. It seems metallic is the new neutral for purses, bags, and shoes. I just love that you can wear metallics with any color.

The SC Botanical Garden is free to the public, and it has proven to be a great place to relax and unwind. Due to being photogenic, often we've come across family reunions, prom dates, wedding parties, and scout troops on our many adventures here. The caboose especially seems to be a magnet for children. They climb all over it and their parents take pictures. My youngest practically runs from the car to get to climbing on the old caboose. So perhaps a railroad adventure will be in our future.

Brief History

For 59 years, the South Carolina Gardens have offered beautiful grounds to visit free of charge and are adjacent to the Clemson University campus. Originally, the 295 acres was just a patch of camilla's next to Fort Hill (featured in an earlier blog). Also on the grounds is the Hanover House that was relocated from the low country (also featured on a earlier blog). It is also home to the Bob Campbell Geology Museum, and many other historic gems dot the landscape. 

To learn more of the history, go to:

Visitor Information

If you're visiting Greenville, Anderson, or Clemson in the upstate, the South Carolina Botanical Gardens proves to be a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Make sure to bring your camera. You can also enjoy homemade ice cream on the Clemson University campus.

South Carolina Botanical Gardens
150 Discovery Lane
Clemson, SC 29634

As a writer and a painter, I couldn't resist this scene. I remember seeing a picture of Claude Monet that was very similar. I had to share it with all of you. I keep meaning to come out here to write poetry, but I've not managed to do that yet. Usually accompanied by kids has sort of put a damper on that idea. But having older kids also, I realize my day will come where I can sit in the woods to write poetry again, and I'm sure those days will come sooner than I'd like. I doubt my two oldest daughters realize how much I miss those chaotic days.

Whether wanting to reflect, have a picnic, or just be stylish, fashion loves, this little gem is waiting for you.

Until next time, be fashionable, and be blessed.


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