Friday, February 3, 2017

We're All Mad at the Abbeville Opera House

By Laurie Bower Epps

Fall is so full of beautiful fall leaves and chances to go outside, this particular entry was on the virtual cutting room floor. My youngest's favorite book is Alice in Wonderland and this past summer, I read it aloud to her. As a salesperson during the week, I fell in love with the quaint little town of Abbeville, SC. When going to see clients in nearby Greenwood, I made it a point to take the route through Abbeville even though there are other routes a bit more direct. 

I did start doing some research on the town of Abbeville, and the most visited place in town is the Abbeville Opera House. With a few clicks of the mouse, I discovered my daughter's favorite book would grace the stage in early November. So I purchased tickets online, and we set out on our mommy & daughter date on a crisp fall morning.

In a travel tour guide offered by Michelin, I remember mention of a Mennonite restaurant in town called Yoder's Dutch Kitchen. We had lunch there, and I must say that they live up to the hype. The food is served cafeteria style and the pie's were delicious! In my video at the right, I gave a dessert called shoo-fly pie a chance.

Be prepared, they also have a cute little gift shop, and albeit, it's small, but my daughter managed to find a backpack that she wanted in it. They also sell homemade soaps and apple butter.... Of course, also homemade jams, preserves, and pie.

Leading the way with her new monkey on her back (Asthma) Chloe and I moved on to see the play. Pictured here, Chloe models her fashion for today.

Chloe's Fashion

Dress by Xileration by Target

Shoes by Rachel Shoes 
from Ross Dress for Less

Monkey Backpack from the Mennonite's at:
Yoder's Dutch Oven Kitchen
The Abbeville Opera House

Abbeville Opera House

The Abbeville Opera House opened in October of 1908 and at that time, it was the center of social activity.  Conveniently located halfway between NYC and Miami Beach, FL they've had over 260 shows to delight audiences from all over the South. Performers very from Willie Nelson to Reba McIntyre, to the Russian Ballet, they've all performed here. To check the current schedule, go to their website:

When we first parked the car, my little one was so excited that she was darting all over the place. She wanted to see and experience everything. Who can blame her? History is interesting, and her little Target dress from her sister was just right for a picture perfect day.

This particular outing was a little difficult picture wise, my daughter was so excited, and running off like my dog would do.... But I was so encouraged by her enthusiasm for a work of literature which is her mommy's first love.

My Fashion

Paisley top with keyhole sleeves, and
Lena Slacks from Lane Bryant

Black Ballet flats from Pesaro
~ Rack Room Shoes

Brown Chaps by Ralph Lauren Handbag
~ Kohl's

I just love old clocks, and I couldn't resist this one outside of the Abbeville Opera House.

Alice In Wonderland

I'm impressed with the condition of the Abbeville Opera House. I imagine it looks much as it did when they first opened 108 years ago. If you're near the GA/SC border heading towards Atlanta, Greenville, or Charlotte it's a great little stop. We enjoyed our adventure here, and more of it will appear on my writer page on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time--


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