Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in Historic Pendleton, SC

On Pendleton Square, Christmas 2016
By Laurie Bower Epps

There are so many nearby historical towns near me that it was hard to pick just one that'd be Christmas blog. Pendleton is a mere twenty minutes away from my house, so it was a good place to start. If you're a regular follower, you may remember my blog of Woodburn Plantation, and if you make it through the entire historical tour, it's the last stop. We got a late start, as well as, there was a craft fair on Pendleton Square, so we only made it to 3 of the 5 locations.

My Fashion

Black T-Shirt w/lace neckline 
& Boyfriend Jeans
~ Lane Bryant

Black Jasper Necklace & Earrings
~Magma Creations

Nike Cross Training Shoes

Sitton House Circa 1859

Sitton House

The Sitton House has current residents, so timing a viewing of this beauty is a scarce fortune, indeed. Located just off Pendleton Square at 132 S. Mechanic Street in Pendleton, SC it stands proudly as a tribute to its historical past. Built just prior to the Civil War in 1859, it was the first brick house in Pendleton. The first owner, John Bradley Sitton, was the postmaster for the town. Sitton also owned and operated a buggy and carriage factory on the property. Currently, the Sitton House is occupied by the sixth generation of Sitton's.

Chloe's Fashion

Isaac Mizrahi Sweater 
& Vigoss Jeans (Black Pants)
~TJ Maxx

Christie & Jill Patent Leather Shoes
~JC Penney

Chloe lost her clothes at gymnastics, and my family ducked into TJMaxx for some clothes for her to wear for dinner out. This outfit was the fabulous results. Of course, we found out that she really left them at the after-school program. Hmmm... I half think she just wanted a new outfit.

Mom & Daughter at the Sitton House 2016

Merry Christmas from Chloe & I, and a Happy New Year!

You might find this hard to believe but Chloe is my photographer most of the time, even though she's only 8. I tell her where to stand, and what angles I want her to use on me. I think she does great. Kudos to Chloe!!!!

Our Encounter With Santa

It looked a lot like a Norman Rockwell painting when we spied Santa going into a hardware store in downtown Pendleton. Patiently, he kept up with young Chloe's enthusiasm, and even walked up to a little garden with us adjacent to an antique store just so mommy could take some pictures of Chloe with Santa. I know the memory of walking the streets of Santa, will be treasured by Chloe and I for years to come.

Chloe was consistent with what she told me, she asked for an American Girl doll and slippers for Christmas. At least she's consistent. However, her list grew as she sat there, but I think it's because she liked the attention.... Don't worry everyone, Santa's got it covered.

Merry Christmas from the Epps' Girls

It was so hard to choose photos this time. There were so many of them, and all of them were beautiful, and had a retro-nostalgic feel, which is what I was going for. So Merry Christmas everyone! 

There are some major writing projects in the works for me, as well as some new technology coming my way this Christmas. All of this should make it a more prosperous New Year, however, I'm taking January off to re-group.

May your holidays be filled with love, and I'll see you next time. My next official blog will be on February 3, 2017.

Thanks for stopping by--

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