Friday, October 14, 2016

The Wilhite House

View from McDuffie Street

By Laurie Epps

At the corner of River & McDuffie Streets in Anderson is the prominent Wilhite House. For those that don't live around here, that's a busy intersection about half a mile from the public library. The sign boasts it's the home to the man who discovered Ether but it's shell looks more like a creepy ghost story. From my daughter, I've learned that local school children are making up haunting tales about the old place. As for me, I can't dismiss it's historical significance.


Dr. Philip Abney Wilhite, owner of the grand house, was a young medical student when he administered ether to a young black man at a party in 1841. The drug anesthetized him, and the other party guests believed him to be dead. This was the beginnings for anesthesia as we know it today since the boy awoke unharmed.


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Dr. Philip Abney Wilhite, a prominent physician and Georgia native, bought the house in the 1850s. The house managed to stay in the family until the 1930s when it was taken over by the bank.

Up until 10 years ago, this gem of a house was used for weddings, and large social events. For at least the last two years, it's sat vacant and the house is disintegrating in front of the eyes of the locals.

To read up on the local reaction, check out:

For Sale

So if you're looking for a beautiful home with "good bones" at the heart of the Historic District in Anderson, SC this just might be a good choice. It will require a lot of TLC to make it the house it once was, but most locals agree that they'd like to see it in it's former glory. Anderson has a wonderful position in the south since it's at almost the exact halfway point between Charlotte & Atlanta down the I-85 freeway. I'm sure we'd love to pour you a glass a sweet tea, and "bless your little heart."

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