Friday, October 21, 2016

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Campbell's Covered Bridge, Circa 1909
By Laurie Epps

There's something about a covered bridge that seems romantic, and nostalgic. Almost everyone has seen a Christmas card sleigh ride scene with a covered bridge in it. Some would say that a covered bridge is wooden poetry, or a passageway to the past which speaks to our inner child.

After a really tough week, originally I'd planned on going to a fall festival at a plantation in Spartanburg, but an invitation from a friend in the country had an unusual appeal. I asked her about a few places that I thought would be near her farm in the country. So when she said she was just a mile from this beauty, my youngest and I set out to see it before we arrived at my friend's home.

Nestled next to Greer in the foothills, there are the small towns of Landrum and Campobello. This is where you'll find this breathtaking park. The first time I visited it years ago, it was overgrown with weeds, kudzu, and bamboo. I was delighted when I saw it cleared away and in it's true light.

Being a covered bridge (and viewing it in October), it sparked the curiosity of my youngest daughter, and she made up a tale similar to the headless horseman in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.

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Campbell's Covered Bridge is the only remaining covered bridge in the state of South Carolina. Built in 1909 by Charles Irwin Willis, it was referred to by the locals as "Campbell's Bridge" due to the grist mill near by that was owned and run by Alexander Lafayette Campbell. For more information on the history, go to:

Pictured at the Grist Mill Site
Littered across the countryside in South Carolina are a number of grist mills, and it seems to be a huge part of the Upstate of SC's history. Some examples include (but are not limited to): downtown Greenville's falls park was created by redirecting the river for grist mills, Suber's Corn Mill in Greer, Hagood Mill in Pickens, and the Muskgrove Mill in Clinton to name a few.

First Leaves of Fall
On this particular outing, I noticed the first leaves of fall. I just love autumn. Between the pretty fall colors, pumpkin spice lattes, cool air, and fuzzy warm sweaters, I'm loving it. 

Don't you just love fall too? What are your favorite things to do in fall? Please share in the comments below.

Perfect Outing
Campbell's Covered Bridge proved to be the perfect mother & daughter outing. We ended the day at my friend's house having s'mores. I had a few moments to just breathe in the country air, and dream of a simpler time. If you live or visit Greenville or Spartanburg, SC this particular site is a must see.


Most of you know me as a writer, and maybe even as a poet, but very few of you know that I'm also a painter. Mainly toile, or country painting, but a painter nonetheless. I'd not painted in nearly a dozen years before this outing. However, I was so taken with Campbell's Covered Bridge, I took paintbrush to canvas. What a wonderful way to spend an evening and commemorate the outing with my youngest.

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