Friday, October 28, 2016

Central Historical Society

By Laurie Epps

With fall activities in full swing, it's been even more essential that I stick close to home. But as a salesperson that travels throughout the southeast, I can't help but notice that there's a number of towns that seem to have sprung up around the railroad. I love trains. As a child, my favorite picture book was The Little Engine That Could. This love was passed along to my daughter Ellen, to whom this blog is dedicated in honor of her 20th birthday.

Now that I'm in sales, I tend to be drab at work, so I keep finding myself in this snuggly pair of leggings every weekend. Sometimes, I question if I can wear such a strong statement piece every weekend, but yet due the ease of this outfit, it tends to happen anyway.

Green Top by Olivia Blue, Patterned Leggings by French Laundry, & Floral Hair Wreath (Children's Cancer Fund)
~Burlington Coat Factory

Glass Pendant Necklace
~Catherine's Plus Sizes

Handblown, Glass Earrings
~Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

Brown Ballet Flats by Pesaro of Italy
~Rack Room Shoes

Jenny & Jessy Morgan


The Central Historical Society is housed in the former residence of the Morgans who owned the local mercantile in town. Built in 1893, this house is unique because it shows how people really lived instead of being a real formal plantation the south is so famous for. The Morgans had two daughters named Jesse & Jenny who were known for their beauty, but never married. Both of the girls stayed in the home after their parents died, both living well into their 90s.

Reminders of the Past

My youngest and I were leaving town when we came upon this old caboose. It was my favorite car of any train when I was a girl. Just as it ends the train, it's going to end this entry.

As my daughter Ellen has ended childhood, my train adventure has concluded until next time. I love you, Ellen. Happy Birthday. I'm so proud of the woman that you've become.

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