Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am recovering from my surgery still, but I am doing my best to not let it get me down.  My plans for summer are finally taking form.  I am spending all this free time knitting, watching old movies, and reading.  I am starting to cultivate some book ideas.  I think maybe this time will be good for my writing.  It is placing a much needed breath of fresh air into it.  So be prepared for new, and different products out of me.

Also, writing about writing isn't attracting as many readers/followers as I had hoped for.  Would anyone like to read and write about local cultural events?  I was thinking we could start with one day a week.  Please give me some feedback!


  1. What kind of writing? Any take on whatever topic you post? (Example: you post a link to an event, and someone writes brief flash fiction or something based on it).

  2. I admit that I have not been blogging for quite some time. I have had to think about what types of things I'd like to say, and really think about what I can offer the virtual world. Since I dig organization in the written word, I think I may showcase some of my school work, talk about novels, invite guest bloggers, and maybe even write a column about what's happening in the upstate every weekend,

    In an ideal world, I'd like to ultimately like to do some technical writing for engineers, but I naturally write short stories and non-fiction. Of course, like every other writer I'd like to write my own novel. Also, I've dreamed of writing and illustrating my own series of children's books. I even have a collection of stories that I have written in prose style for just that purpose.


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