Monday, August 10, 2015

Motivational Mondays

By Laurie Epps

As I'm seeing columns like this diminishing lately, I've decided to share my journey. My ex husband abandoned us three years ago, and I've definitely got a clutter problem. Twenty years of clutter, and a major move across the country ten years ago is all around me. I still have his diabetic medication samples, his clothes, his CDs, and all the Valentines he's ever given me. 

"Don't let your house become a mausoleum of grief."
--Elizabeth Gilbert

Is this your house ladies? Is your home a mausoleum of grief? Finally, I've started going through it. I'm only getting started, but I thought there might be a few of you out there struggling too. Now granted, my house isn't to the level of an episode of Hoarders, but it's still not someplace I'd be proud of either.

First Day I Cleaned the Bathroom
The first day out, I was smacked in the face with memories. My landlord threatened me about the condition of my house, so right away, I put my coffee table on the curb. But first, I went through the drawers. Oh no, all the Valentines saying how much he loved me were in those drawers, and cards of my three miscarriages.... That night, nightmares. The next day, I was working in my bedroom, and threw away a box of diabetic medication samples. Now, I don't have diabetes... they belonged to my ex husband. More nightmares.

But I'm sticking with it. I'm hoping that the expert advice is right when they say if you get control of your house, you'll get your life under control. What has helped me immensely is going back to the gym. It helps my outlook on everything, and I just seem to handle this process better. So if you're depressed, and feel worthless.... like there's no way you can regain your life, or your house. Please know that you can, and that there are other women out there just like you fighting the good fight.

At first, I just went to and signed up for her emails. Now, I've got months of months of emails, and I've not read 80% of them. This is because she also sells a lot of cleaning supplies from her site to get your house even more clean, but frankly, you can do it with very few supplies to start.

As a creative sort, I don't put a lot of stock into a clean house, but I know other people do. What I do put a lot of stock into is changing your heart, and seeing yourself as God sees you. By combining some of these concepts, I want you to learn how beautiful and amazing you are. The cleaner house, and by looking better on the outside, more people are likely to give that person on the inside a chance. Let's do this together....

Laurie Epps is featured in dozens of news articles, and literary journals both on and off the web. Laurie is also included in a number of short story anthologies, and does some ghostwriting for prominent professionals nationwide. Laurie is also active in a number of writer support groups and networks with writers from all over the country.

Laurie is a single mom, and is still raising her two youngest daughters, Ellen and Chloe. Laurie’s grown daughter, Melanie resides in California. Laurie is also a proud momma of three furry-babies; Laurie has turned in more than one manuscript with cat fur on it. When not teaching or writing, Laurie gets in as much beach time as her budget will allow, loves to attend the Opera and Ballet, and she enjoys cross-stitch & knitting. Laurie’s sports teams are the Atlanta Braves and the Dallas Cowboys.

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