Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Me & Bike #2

By Laurie Epps

At a Birthday Party on May 22, 2015
My second week, I did extremely well. I went to the gym 5 times that week. I wasn't really following a specific outline of a workout yet. I was just trying to do half an hour of cardio, and then five machines in thirty minutes. I alternated upper body with lower body exercises. 

By that Monday, I'd lost another two pounds, and then another pound. So now, I'm up to seven pounds of weight loss! I couldn't be more delighted. I'm heading in the right direction, won't you join me?

Today, I saw on Facebook that my cousin Kay has lost 90 pounds! Wow! I'm so proud of her. I'm begging her to write a blog post for me, but she's in the throws of moving. I think she'd be a great inspiration for all of us. Kudos, Kay!
Me on Bike #2

All of us in this battle have our demons. I think the three thugs in my head are: inadequacy, insecurity, and negative self talk. All of this relates to a poor self-image. If I can conquer that, I think I'll have this weight loss thing down along with my weight.

I'm claiming that I've listened to those people that constantly beat me down with negative talk so long. I have a great deal of compassion, but it can go to far when weighing what other people think. Sometimes, we're all wrong, and some people are just a bit mean. By insulting others, or putting them down, they think that they're elevating themselves up, but they're dead wrong. But yes, it was my fault for listening to those negative voices.

So, peeps, the best thing you can do is keep telling yourself that you're worth it, and that you need to do this for your health. Do this every day until you believe it. But when I asked my cousin Kay about this, she recommended that you look into the mirror every day and say something nice to yourself. Even if you tell yourself, "those earrings look great with your outfit, good job!" or "You look pretty today," or "wow, you look so much slimmer when you focus on your posture." 

For now, it's me and Bike #2. If you find yourself preferring one machine to another, then use it. That doesn't matter. It just matters that you're getting it done. Make the commitment to yourself. Often, I pray to God during my cardio, or especially during yoga class. Yes, you read right, I've gone to yoga every Thursday. I used to do it almost daily for 8-9 years, but due to health issues, I'd falling out of practice. What matters here is that I'm taking on a new habit, and I advise you to do the same. I know it's slow starting at first, but you can do it.

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