Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teddy Bear Tea

Pictured with my youngest daughter
By Laurie Epps

Sometimes it's ok to blog about something personal. My youngest is a Girl Scout. Last Saturday, a local church had a little tea party for the Daisy Scouts to teach them a little about manners, etiquette, and have a little tea.

It's just my two cents, but shouldn't a tea party have tea? The way I understand tea, not only should it be served in the afternoon around 3-4 pm, but it also should have my favorite hot beverage. Of course, the kids didn't know the difference, so that was fine enough. But no tea? That's something I'm remedying right now. Ok, so I'm not perfect either. I don't have a proper tea service. But I do have a mug from Oxford University in England, that's close enough, right?

Mainly, I'm mentioning this on my blog because I'd like to reach out to other nerds just like me who share the opinion that nothing's more relaxing than a big cup of tea. I prefer it, and spend many of my study nights tanking the hot stuff. But to the chagrin of Oscar Wilde, there are no cucumber sandwiches. (Literature nerds will get this pun.)

Have a wonderful Sunday, and a delightful cup of tea.

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