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Cowpens National Battlefield

By Laurie Bower Epps

Being a Southern girl, I've been bombarded with Civil War history my entire life. Not only is it a focal point of fifth grade history class, it becomes exasperated when you move to any other part of the country. It's as if my new school chums wanted me to defend the southern stance of The War of Northern Aggression. However, due to my passion for genealogy, my family lines are far more invested in the Revolutionary War. My ancestors are predominantly Tori's, but as most historians know and my family history will dictate, we have ancestors on both sides whom are usually brothers.

The first real history book I read out of school about the Revolutionary War is Jimmy Carter's book entitled, The Hornet's Nest. Through the years, my copy of the book has been lost, however, I did remember a crucial piece of information which places Cowpens National Battlefield at the turning point of the Revolutionary War. Due to this, I've been wanting to go since I moved to the upstate 11 1/2 years ago.


The Revolutionary War was coming to a bit of a climax, the Patriots were severely outnumbered. Led by General Daniel Morgan (who took over for Gen. Nathaniel Greene namesake for nearby Greenville, SC) Morgan had a small group of tough continentals and frontiersmen who'd fought in other battles throughout the state. Morgan was a frontiersman himself by trade, so he quickly earned the trust and respect of his troops. Which was fortunate, I think had the Continentals served under someone else, they might have fled.

General Tarleton fought for the crown, and had a reputation of being ruthless and fearless in battle. Tarleton came from the north with many skilled soldiers and mercenaries not just from the colonies but from mother England itself. The crown had set its sights on getting the crops of the lowcountry and marched southward from Canada and the northern colonies.

Most Generals would of either fled, or put together a complicated strategic maneuver, but instead, General Morgan chose to stand his ground at Cowpens. The entire battle took about half an hour. But Morgan had sent ahead for more experienced militia to meet them on this small patch of farmland just outside of Chesnee, SC. Well fashion-love's, you'll be thrilled to know that there is outlet shopping only 20 minutes away in Gaffney, SC!

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General Morgan instructed his troops from this spot
Traveler's Tips

This was a very hot summer day, and I'd meant for it to be a fourth of July blog, but after sitting in the worst traffic jam that I've sat in since I've lived here, my youngest and I sort of collapsed once we got home. The park service does have a small museum and film strip that's about 20 minutes long you can watch. There is very little in the way of food out this way. You'll need to either bring snacks and drinks, or stop at a nearby town such as Chesnee or Gaffney. It's easy to imagine this being farmland, and not having much to it, since the 11 mile trek from the I-85 freeway is still this way. The Ranger only seems to have various trail mixes, a bookstore, walking sticks for sale, and water. My eight year old said she spied a coke machine, but I never saw it. So just a caution to bring some water with you.

A Walk With Chloe

As you can well imagine after sitting in that traffic jam in the heat, we only had time for one activity on our own. We could either walk near the encampments, or drive the loop of the battlefield. My eight year old was all for the walk after sitting in the car for close to 3 hours. I welcomed the relief from being stuck in one position as well.

Chloe's Fashion

Patriotic TShirt & Flag Shorts by Arizona
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Sk8er Tennis Shoes by Vans
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My Fashion

Old Glory TShirt by French Blue
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Bronze Floral Sandals by Clarks
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Mother-Daughter Picture

As we enjoyed our walk, I asked a couple if they'd take a picture of Chloe & I so I could share a picture of us together with all of you. It was a beautiful day, and I hope to go back to explore this fine battlefield more in depth. I confess, I'm a little more intrigued to see nearby King's Mountain, since I've placed some of my ancestors in the conflict. King's Mountain also boasts a ghost story or two! However, I think it'd be a prettier location in the fall, so I'm anxiously awaiting the changing of the leaves.

Charleston Light

The Battle of Cowpens kept the port of Charleston safe, so as a tribute to the soldiers bravery and sacrifice, Charleston sent one of their lamp-lights that they're so famous for as a memorial to be kept here at Cowpens. Cowpens is a wonderful place to reflect, and remember what all men and women who serve in our military sacrifice to serve our country. 

Dedication: May this blog show homage to all that serve and have fought bravely for our country. We all owe you honor and respect.

Until next time fashion-love's, may we all remember why we're free to wear what we want in this country, and celebrate the freedom we have to express ourselves.

Be Fashionable and Be Blessed,

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