Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Return of Workout Wednesdays

Frozen Ice Berries In My Yard
By Laurie Epps

I'm so sorry that I've not been active with this blog recently. I was sick with bronchitis for over 10 weeks. Towards the end of being sick, the southeast was pummeled with snow storms, ice storms, and record breaking low temperatures.

We had a rough winter down here, and while I know that Northerners would laugh at our tracings of snow, it caused schools, government offices, and businesses to close their doors. To make matters worse, at one point, we lost all electricity for about three days.

On Route to the Colors of His Love Conference
in Raleigh, NC
But God is still God, and God is still good. Even amidst the storms and my own health issues, God was at work in my life. I went to The Colors of His Love Conference featuring La-Tan Murphy. Where God gently reminded me that changes are about to be happening in my life with a move, and new goals on the horizon. To read my story (that was featured in Guideposts), click here.

Originally, I'd planned on starting this endeavor with my daughter for some bonding time, but kids have this bad habit of growing up on us. My daughter Ellen now works at the mall, has a grown boyfriend, and goes to the local community college. Trying to find time that we could both work out wasn't happening. I recognize that I've got much farther to go than she does, as far as fitness goes. Now, I've officially struck out on my own.

At the Gym last Wednesday
May 13, 2015
As of Wednesday, May 13, 2015: I'm making the commitment to go to the gym almost every day, and for a minimum of four days a week. I'm hoping that my journey will not only keep me accountable, but also, help plug into the community of folks that are doing the same. For right now, I'm just trying to establish the gym as a habit. Slowly, I'll add in fitness goals, and nutrition. 

This first week, I went every day but Friday and Sunday. Remember: Right now, the only goal is to create a new habit. As a result of creating a new habit, I'm hoping that the need to support the new habit will guide me to healthier choices, which of course, I'll pass onto my readers. Let's do this!

Laurie Epps is a recent graduate of Anderson University majoring in Creative Writing. Already Laurie is most published as a feature article writer, essayist, and poet.  A seeker of beauty, her is dream is to travel the world one day and tell the many stories of those she meets. 

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